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Jintai Weifang shelf Ltd. located in the beautiful kite capital - Weifang, is a shelf development, production, manufacture, sale, installation in one of professional shelf manufacturers, strong technical strength, professional production equipment and reliable quality to shelf products in the domestic manufacturing industry has enjoyed a high reputation, has become more and more enterprises preferred logistics equipment suppliers.

The company‘s main products include light and medium storage shelves, beams shelves, attic shelves, through the shelves, Qiao solid frame, steel tray, storage cage (galvanized), tools, cabinets, station equipment, metal products, shelf equipment, logistics handling equipment, crates, and other non-standard platform promotional shelf products, can be any combination, with strong load, freely combined, plug convenient, mobile and flexible characteristics of the times, the product can be widely used in military enterprises, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing , aerospace, medical, logistics, warehouse stores, railways, food, oil, automobile, textile and other industries.

The company has excellent management team, under the Office of Production and Technology Department, Purchasing Department, the Finance Department, the Department of warehousing inventory, international trade, and other departments, more than 60 employees, including professional and technical staff of eight people. The company has CNC punch press automation equipment rolling mill line 7, the pass line can roll 80, 70 * 50 * 65,60 * 90,70 * 100 different specifications, columns and tray M board, 50 * 50 * 80 ~~ more than 160 kinds of different specifications of the buckle to hold the beam, a large spray lines and other punching, bending, shearing equipment more than 10 units, the productivity of storage shelves and trays and other products up to 90 million yuan.

In order to meet the development needs of modern enterprise, the company constantly improve the management system, better ourselves, to broaden the network of sales channels, to develop forward-looking settings services, will continue to absorb new technology and new concepts to production closely to better serve customers . Companies adhering to the "limited space, the use of unlimited" business purposes and "quality first, integrity-based" business philosophy to provide the most economical and optimized solution

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